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Accessible care when people need it

The people we serve are often having demanding lives, dealing with the balance of work and personal life. Our goal is not to add to that burden yet to relieve that; we do that by a seamless integration of therapy in their daily patterns. People don’t have to come to our offices: we are there for them when they need us. Meetings can be planned digitally.

Affordable care

We offer affordable, flexible high-quality care. Streamlining access to digital care makes it cost-effective and extends more benefits to more people.

Evidence-based programmes

The science-base of our methods are essential to us. We know what works for whom. We wholeheartedly believe that the most effective help with long- term impact is the combination of compassionate and personal care with evidence-based therapeutic techniques.

Personalised health care

Based on people’s background, preferences and goals, a highly personalised care plan is designed together. This plan is the roadmap for the treatment. It is flexible that when circumstances change the plan can be altered accordingly. By making the program modular and personalised, it is engaging and effective.

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Amplio Health partners with local and national health authorities and service provider organisations to deliver bespoke counselling and talking therapy models. We can rapidly and seamlessly integrate with existing HIT systems and clinical workflows and generate greater organisational outreach and impact across their entire health provider network. These models are built upon a patient centred approach towards clinical activity including intake, scheduling, documentation and analytics and utilises a wide range of software and e-health devices that support every clinical setting and use case.

Our full spectrum of counselling and talking therapy delivery solutions makes it easier for both employees to quickly and conveniently access the care they need, as well as the employer to cost-effectively extend the benefits of online personalise therapy approaches to more people throughout their organisational network. This personalised yet easy to access model works within the employee’s daily time restraints and allows them to access the therapy they might require anytime and anywhere on phone, tablet or computer. This approach to a flexible and continuous engagement allows an organisation’s employees to stay on-track with their health and achieve their goals within the time constraints of their daily lives without having to unnecessarily take time from work that can have significant cost and efficiency implications.

Blending their skills and experience, Amplio’s team of highly trained professionals are able to provide online counselling and talking therapy to children and adolescents with behavioural, social, and emotional issues affecting them within the school environment. Research has shown that online therapy is effective in delivering a wide range of treatments, including for anxiety, depression, or behavioural challenges. Amplio’s service model is simple, affordable, reliable and engaging. Young people are usually comfortable with computers and mobile devices, they enjoy online interactions. Being on the other side of a screen often enhances their comfort with the clinician, a key to a productive session. Increased engagement means that  progress more rapidly, resulting in happy children, happy parents, and happy school administrators.

Whether you’re coping with a particular problem or feeling stuck in long-term patterns, one-on-one therapy can help you navigate to a better place in your life. Connect with an expert who will work with you to identify your challenges, nurture new growth, and experience the full range of human emotion.


Individual Counselling
Relationship Counselling
Parent Consultation
Behaviour Management
General IEP Management (I WOULD Not start with group counselling; too complex digitally)

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